If you are considering our unique set of inclusive options for food, service, planning, coordinating, and decor for your celebration, DO NOT WAIT. We typically book weddings anywhere from 8 months to 24 months at CURRENT PRICING. 
We host no more than two events a week and do not do more than one event a day.

1) Do you do a tasting before I book?

Yes, at our first meeting, if possible. We offer a sampling of a chicken, vegetable, starch, and meatless pasta entree to demonstrate the quality preparation of our food.

2) What if I want to sample of other 
types of foods prior to my event?

After you become a booked client, you are invited to attend our client/group tasting opportunities where we rotate our menu items along with the addition of some specialty cuisine. 

3) What is the deposit to secure your services?

$1500-$2500 which comes off the final balance due two weeks prior to the event. We begin working for you the minute you book through comprehensive planning and advice.

4) What if I need some time to think about your services or visit with some more catering companies?

Because we cater no more than TWO events A WEEK our services stay frequently booked. We are happy to hold your date and any quoted pricing for up to SEVEN DAYS after your initial meeting.
 If you are comparing caterers, please make Catering By Robert your last appointment.

5) What sets your catering business apart from others in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota areas?

Well informed clients tell us that we have the most comprehensive event package they have found locally for an elegant, first class celebration. They said they appreciate that we can quote exact pricing with no surprise charges at the end.

6) You claim your food is of high quality. 
What exactly does that mean?

Chef Robert maintains certain standards when it comes to freshness and presentation. One difference is that even though almost all of the food comes hot and pre-cooked, sauces and chicken or sauces and pasta 
are not put together until right before serving. 

The same standard applies to vegetables. When a stove is not available on site, we bring a portable burner to cook them just prior to being put on the plate or on the buffet line. For fried foods, we also cook right before serving.

There are some menu items we will only do as a live station or unless there is a full kitchen available.

We also purchase locally and have done so long BEFORE the Farm-To-Table trend. 

7) When do I need to make a firm decision on the number of guests and menu choices? And what if I want to further customize our menu?

We do not need to know those things until two weeks prior to your event when the final balance is due. In the meantime, we are more than willing to create a custom menu based on your ideas.

8) I noticed that you have different pricing for your services when it is held at a private home. 
Can you explain why your regular menus and pricing is different for destination weddings at these locations?

Weddings and events at private homes usually have a smaller guest count but require an enormous amount of coordination and labor. All Florida Loves Weddings packages include necessary tables and chairs along with more intense logistical planning. Often we have to create a preparation area from scratch or bring in our own water supply. 

Because there is no "hall manager or liaision," we must also act on the behalf of the owner of the home to make certain events do not damage the house or affect the surrounding neighborhood/municipality.

9) What can I expect the first meeting besides a food tasting?

We thoroughly go over every aspect of our services from start to finish.  Most importantly WE LISTEN to your ideas and offer a general plan of how we can accomplish your goals.

10) At this initial meeting, will you be able to quote me pricing on upgrades such as drapery, lighting, chivari chairs, or ceremony decor?

While we can give a range of these costs, we prefer to wait until you become a booked client and schedule a Design Meeting. At that meeting we help you create a sample guest table with our in-house items and items you or your florist wish to incorporate. 

Also, we will note items or services you may want to add to your celebration. We will get quotes from trusted vendors who can possibly furnish everything with one delivery/set up charge . . . saving you money.

11) If I furnish favors and other guest table elements, will your staff place these for me?

Yes, as long as the items are fully constructed and need no intense arrangement. We will be happy to also add fresh or silk florals (in a basic fashion) to our in-house containers or loosely in the centers of guest tables. 

12) Why should all hard good and decor rentals be acquired through you?

First, we pass on vendor discounts directly to you. 
Second, utilizing our recommended vendors assures you that you will receive superior service because those vendors appreciate our recommendations.


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Together, let's create the perfect balance 
of cuisine and style!