Revised 7-20-21:

Catering By Robert / Event Concepts . FL,  has revised its service practices all for events. 

From the complete serving of buffets/stations (always a part of our packages), to all of our staff wearing masks indoors when in close contact with others,  we are committed to providing you the safest experience for you and your guests. While the majority of our staff are vaccinated, we realize that "break-through" infection can still occur. Thus this added measure.

​Because the virus has been proven to be transmitted through the air, we have resumed multiple touch serving of many items such as displayed hors d'oeuvres, family style food, condiments, bread baskets and uncovered buffet items (we still serve the majority of the food items).

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 813-960-7092 / [email protected].

Susan and Bob Stalnaker - Co-Owners

COVID-19 Provisions
Our serving staff wear cotton gloves while hand-passing hors d'oeuvres.   
All buffet/station items are served to guests.   
Plated salads are always an option even for buffet and station service.  
Portable small bottles of hand sanitizer is a constant reminder that all staff should wash their hands or sanitize frequently.
Butler-Passed Hors d'oeuves can either be easily pulled from the perimeter of the tray or served with small tongs by a staff member.  
Plated dinners are always an option for special events.    
Many station or appetizers will be presented "small plate style" so guests can simply pick up the plate with no other required contact...